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Sometimes when the moon sits between then and now, she arrives: always in love, sometimes asleep, usually dancing, and forever with a word on her tongue.

Born a storyteller, MacKenzie is a sharer of vision, of magic, of remembering why we are here. In this life, we experience a vast amount of being, and sometimes the stories are hard, like roll-your-soul-into-a-hole hard, and some journeys hold all the softness anyone could ever seek in a lifetime: the birth of a child, falling in love by a river, holding hands on a plane with a stranger. It doesn't matter why we come, but it is how we share the inevitable moments.

MacKenzie has found that in all her years as a writer, the only way to guide the ghosts home is to find the light and share it: be it spoken, in the print, or in the simple act of meditation. We are a social network of divine wisdom; let's co-create with the intention to inspire.

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