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MacKenzie has been writing for over thirty years and has performed poetry and personal monologues on stage for much of her adult life.

She taught Creative Writing for many years at the college level and in private schools. A storyteller at heart, she is currently writing a script for a television series. Her greatest goal is to take her self discovery, life experience, and love for writing and share it with the greater community, so that they too can explore their voices, their stories, and personal growth.

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About Me

Sometimes when the moon sits between then and now, she arrives: always in love, sometimes asleep, usually dancing, and forever with a word on her tongue.

Born a storyteller, MacKenzie is a sharer of vision, of magic, of remembering why we are here. In this life, we experience a vast amount of being, and sometimes the stories are hard, like roll-your-soul-into-a-hole hard, and some journeys hold all the softness anyone could ever seek in a lifetime: the birth of a child, falling in love by a river, holding hands on a plane with a stranger. It doesn't matter why we come, but it is how we share the inevitable movements.

MacKenzie has found that in all her years, the only way to guide the ghosts home is to find the light and share it: be it spoken, in the print, or in the simple act of meditation. We are a social network of divine wisdom; now let us co-create with the intention to inspire.     


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