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Writing by the Water
Writing by the Water

Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy, sometimes referred to as "expressive therapy," allows past experiences or stories we hold onto about our lives to be released. In one-on-one sessions, we explore the places where we can heal and forgive, challenge and explore, celebrate and recall the very gifts we came to offer in our lives. 

One-hour sessions are now available.

Writing & Performance Workshops

This online workshop is designed to bring out the stories you've always wanted to tell or never wanted to tell but are ready to release. 

Through a series of writing prompts and workshops with other participants, you will transform thousands of words into a monologue to be performed for an audience. 

No experience is necessary, only a willingness to share, provide feedback, and alchemize the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and where we come from!

Memoir Book
Writing Series

In this extensive class, you will write several narratives  using prompts, workshopping, and at-home writing assignments.


Within those stories, common themes will emerge. We will take those themes and organize a three-part book that you can either self publish with guidance or submit to publishing companies.

A book reading will commence this series!

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